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Speed and Availability:

Astraweb runs news server farms (Level 3, Limelight Networks and Savvis) in Europe and in the United States to deliver their users a constant performance. They have multiple links to high quality providers.  With every unlimited plan you can open up to 20 connections. With a pay by download plan even 50.  Enjoy free SSL with any kind of Astraweb account. They offer alternate ports (119, 23, 1818 or 8080) in case your isp throttles your bandwith on standard ports. A big plus is that they run their own servers and don’t resell, what makes them having total control over their newsgroup servers and farms.



Their very strong and established network can offer a continually rising binaries retention of 2019 days across ALL listed groups. They also have got a very high number of peers which not only is responsible for an excellent propagation of posts but also a completion of over 99%.


Every account comes with with free 256-bit-SSL connections if you use one of their SSL servers
(ssl/ssl-eu/ on Ports 443 or 563)
This encryption helps to keep your username and password safe.
Their anonymous newsgroups access is completely uncensored.
They promise not to keep any logs, offer anonymous postings and even group requests.


Astraweb doesn’t offer a binary newsreader. But to get one of the many newsreader on your own and use the free usenet search engines which are available on the net is taking its effect on the price!

Free Trial:

Unfortunately they don’t offer a Free Trial at this time.

Pricing plans:

– 1 month unlimited – 1MBit – 20 connections – $10
– 1 month unlimited DSL – 20 connections – $15
– 3 months unlimited DSL – 20 connections – $39
– 25GB – 50 connections – $10
– 180GB – 50 connections – $25

Payment options:

  • all kinds of credit cards
  • PayPal
  • iDeal for Dutch users

You not only have to get the newsreader client yourself but they also don’t offer a search engine. If you’re an advanced user this is your advantage because this saves hard earned cash!

Astraweb certainly is the  cheapest uncensored newsgroup provider online.

Sign up here to take advantage of Astraweb’s current special offer of  11$ a month for a unlimited account!


  1. Always pleasant to find a new website this good I will be back here for certain

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