How to get Anonymous Access to Uncensored Newsgroups!

     Anonymous Access to Uncensored Newsgroups Not only can you find discussions but also downloads of all kind of nature. You can either discuss a special subject, get support or just inform yourself. In the special binary groups members post every file you can think of. NNTP short for “Network News Transfer Protocol” is […]


One of the easiest programs to load binaries!

Free Newsreader

A newsreader is a necessary application to browse through the newsgroups of the usenet. With a newsreader you can download the headers (like an index) of a certain newsgroup to see what has been posted inside the group. Like if you’re looking for a specific movie, you can subscribe different movie binary groups and fetch […]

Giganews Review

Giganews Review         Speed and Availability: Giganews Review is the largest existing Tier 1 usenet service online. They store more usenet articles than any other usenet server worldwide. Giganews is running multiple gigabit+ backbones in North America, Europe and Asia. Due the fact they’re all running on a fraction of their capacity they […]

Astraweb Review

    Speed and Availability: Astraweb runs news server farms (Level 3, Limelight Networks and Savvis) in Europe and in the United States to deliver their users a constant performance. They have multiple links to high quality providers.  With every unlimited plan you can open up to 20 connections. With a pay by download plan […]

Usenext Review

Speed and Availability: Usenext provides access to 8 independent serverfarms, 4 of them are located in the US (2 on the east and 2 on the west coast)  and the other 4 are around Amsterdam. When searching for files, you will automatically be connected to the server with the fastest delivery which is a unique […]

Usenetserver Review

Speed and Availability: The network backbone of the Usenetserver connects to over 800 broadband access providers all over the world and also multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers which will give you a high performance and speed! All their plans offer unlimited download with up to 20 SSL secured connections!   Retention: Usenetserver‘s storage architecture can […]