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Giganews Review


Giganews Review





Speed and Availability:

Giganews Review is the largest existing Tier 1 usenet service online. They store more usenet articles than any other usenet server worldwide. Giganews is running multiple gigabit+ backbones in North America, Europe and Asia. Due the fact they’re all running on a fraction of their capacity they can offer you speed like no other usenet service with up to 50 simultaneous connections.
They have got extensive systems of private network connections to several internet providers.
Their completion is unique. While many newsgroup providers offer 99% retention that’s one of the few who really can.



With the retention of their groups they broke a record.  For binaries it is 2030 days
while text groups will be available for 3900 days. Their service supports over 109,000 newsgroups.  Whenever you’re missing a article at another provider’s access Giganews still has got it.


Their usenet access is completely uncensored and your privacy is respected at the highest.  They’ll of course never share any of your private information to third parties nor will they track any of your download behaviour. Of course you can also access their Newsgroups with an 256 Bit SSL encrypted connection.


Also Giganews doesn’t provide their own usenet access software they offer a Download Accelerator which comes free with every account.              It boosts up the download speed of headers 10 times, controls your download speed at all and uses fully encrypted Usenet authentication.

Free Trial:

Giganews offers a free 14 day trial. If you start your trial with a Diamand or Platinium account and continue it they give you 50% off in the first 2 months.

Pricing plans:

– Jade – 3 GB/month – 30 days retention – $2.99
– Pearl – 5 GB/month – 30 days retention – $4.95
– Bronze – 10 GB/month – 391 days retention – $7.99
– silver – 35 GB/month – 391 days retention – $12.99
– Platinium – unlimited GB/month – 391 days retention – $24.99                          – Diamond – unlimited GB/month – 391 days retention – 50 connections $29.99

Note: All accounts include 20 connections, all newsgroups, discount on newsreader clients, free headers, unlimited uploads !

Payment options:

  • credit cards
  • international debit cards
  • paypal

Giganews offers a free 14 day trial!


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