Usenet Download – Modern Way To Download?

Have you not always wanted music, videos and programs to download but were afraid at the same time to use P2P file sharing? Then we have something for you. Usenet download is the ideal oasis download and works like a web forum, but with their own software.


How does Usenet Download work?

Usenet Download

Originally, Usenet was once a discussion platform and was invented in the late ’70s in the U.S.. It exists regardless of the Web and still provides a quick and inexpensive way to suck files. Unlike file sharing, you do not even have to offer files and can operate with maximum download speeds. Usenet is like a bulletin board: A user writes a post, another one answers and the whole discussion spreads right out through the world’s established Usenet servers. This is already one of the main differences to web forums: The Usenet download or post does not exist on a single individual server but is distributed on many servers around the entire globe. Through the exchange of data between servers, many users communicate with each other in a relatively short time. But this does not suffer in performance among the many downloaders. Binary files such as pictures and programs can in fact be attached to Usenet posts. By DSL and other high-speed transmissions the Usenet allows ways to distribute an large amount of files.

Usenet downloads including music, videos, software and a lot more… The posts on Usenet are organized into groups so that the index is not lost. Only binary groups (identified by the abbreviation. Bin) contain files or usenet downloads. To participate even at the download action, you need a usenet provider. Unfortunately, at present almost exclusively commercial providers willing to offer uncensored binary newsgroups. For a monthly subscription fee you get access to the newsgroups provider’s server and a monthly download quota. If this is exceeded, you have to wait for the next month or just go for a bigger usenet download service. Unlike file-sharing services where the files are only on the provider’s servers the synchronization of the Usenet servers to each other creates a global copy of the data. Therefore, the Usenet is hardly censored.

Usenet Providers and software



The Usenet data can be loaded with the News Reader. The files are usually distributed on several individual contributions and also compressed, so the download goes as quickly as possible. A good newsreader reunites the individual contributions that belong to the file, unzips/unrars it and set it together to an ready to be used file on your hard disk.Downloaded files should definitely be tested with a up to date virus scanner before using them, because there is always the danger that they are infected with viruses, trojans and other malicious software.



The Trial of the UseNeXT download client is 30 days and a data transfer volume of 600GB. To navigate through the Usenet there is no need for a web browser, but special client software (News Reader) is required. These news readers are free as well as offered as shareware. You can use the newsreader of your choice. In the settings you must enter the server and login information that you receive from your provider. The Usenet download provider UseNeXT comes with a software client that enables full access to the largest newsgroups. With full speed of your Internet connection. The UseNeXT download client includes the following features:

  • integrated multimedia player
  • Integrated chat Integrated File / Image Search
  • Favorites management
  • Thumbnails of images
  • Image preview, slideshow
  • MP3/Video-preview
  • 100% ad-free



But completely anonymous isn’t even the download from the Usenet: The Usenet provider registers your IP address. But the Usenet provider are  usually located abroad and aren’t interested in giving out information about their paying customers. So the access to your data is almost impossible and therefore the usenet download is known as very safe.

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