Usenetserver Review

Speed and Availability:

The network backbone of the Usenetserver connects to over 800 broadband access providers all over the world and also multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers which will give you a high performance and speed!

All their plans offer unlimited download with up to 20 SSL secured connections!



Usenetserver‘s storage architecture can offer binaries retention for
and over 2 years text retention.    They  maintain peering relationships with not only the major newsgroup providers but also most of the  smaller ones. This will give you access to virtually every article posted anywhere in the world to one of the 68000 uncensored newsgroups they can offer .
UseNetServer‘s  fully redundant storage architecture offers 99% completion and great reliability.


All access is secured with free 256-bit-SSL connections if you use ””.
This encryption helps to keep your username and password safe.
This will also prevent your ISP of throttling your bandwith speed or using deep packet inspection technologies.


Although doesn’t offer their own Download tool, they still provide an excellent Global search engine. This tool helps you to find files in the usenet and also create nzb files to use with your download tool.

Free Trial:

They offer a 14-day trial in which you can download 10GB. But before that you have to signup for an account. If you download more than 10GB or you miss to cancel in the 14 days you’re automatically billed. So be aware of this!!!

Pricing plans:

– 3 days – 10 connections – $3
– 1 month – 10 SSL connections – $14.95
– 3 months – 10 SSL connections – $39.95
– 1 month – 20 SSL connections – $17.95
– 3 months – 20 SSL connections – $47.95

Payment options:

  • credit card

You have to bring the client yourself but this saves you cash!  They offer very cheap premium usenet access with SSL connection.
Sign up for a free trial account and test Usenetserver yourself!


  1. Panama Chiriqui says:

    There is obviously a lot for me to discover outside of my books. Thanks for the great read,

  2. There is obviously a lot for me to discover outside of my books. Thanks for the great read,

  3. I’ve used usenetserver for 6 years. Their servers have always fast and reliable. A quality newsfeed

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