Usenext Review

Speed and Availability:

Usenext provides access to 8 independent serverfarms, 4 of them are located in the US (2 on the east and 2 on the west coast)  and the other 4 are around Amsterdam.
When searching for files, you will automatically be connected to the server with the fastest delivery which is a unique system.
Their fast international servers can provide you with a speed up to 50 Mbps wich will let you download with full speed.



The retention for binaries is 1538 days while text groups will be available for 1,538 days.
The service supports over 60,000 newsgroups with over 800 Terabytes of data.
This amounts to over 5 TB of new files and articles added every day.


All access is secured with a 256 Bit SSL encryption . They’ve got a 24h support hotline to assist whenever you’ve got problems. Their service and software is of course completely free of dialers, viruses, spyware pop-ups, banners or any other kind of advertisement.


UseNeXT provides their own usenet access software which comes free with every account.  It includes image previews (thumbnails and slideshows), video support, one click newsgroup subscription and file searches. It even decodes and extracts your downloaded material.

Free Trial:

The UseNeXT Free trial Offer includes 600 GB over 4 weeks (600 GB at 2 Mbps for 30 days and 20 GB at maximum speed). This will give you enough time to fully test their service, support and get known their client.

Pricing plans:

– 30 GB/month – $11.62/mo. or $9.28/month for a 12 month membership
– 80 GB/month – $17.45/mo. or $11.62/month for a 12 month membership
– 250 GB/month – $29.14/mo. or $23.29/month for a 12 month membership

Note: All accounts include unlimited downloads at 2 Mbps!

Payment options:

  • credit card
  • paypal
  • German bank account

UseNeXT is definitely one of the best usenet providers for beginners.   With their unique system to get you on the fastest server and their very easy to use software you should be browsing their uncensored variety of  newsgroups in minutes.

30 Days 600GB Usenext Download For Free
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  1. I tried the free trial of usenext over 2 years ago and while ok wasn’t exactly what I was looking for so cancelled before the end of the “free” trial.

    A few weeks ago I get an e-mail reminding me I owe them just over £100. Go to usenext and log in to the account I cancelled. Turns out it wasn’t cancelled with no way to prove that I in fact cancelled during the free trial. They wait 2 YEARS before sending me a payment demand, no other communication during that time at all. I respond explaining my side of things and asking them to clarify a few points, next e-mail I receive is from a debt collection agency.

    A nice big bill for something I’ve never used. Save yourself grief and stay the hell away from these cowboys. If you want newsgroup access sign up for Usenetserver.

  2. Thanks very much for that wonderful entry.

  3. Hey there, i subscribed also for a usenext free trial and it was really awesome….dizzy you should have read the terms of condition more carefully or are you paid by giganews???

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  5. Of course you can!

  6. PlayinHarder says:

    I just went to the site and it is all in German or some other language. Unfortunately I cannot read the information on the site.

  7. I am really sorry!
    Must have come with the last update.
    I unfortunately did not notice the wrong language!
    I will fix that as soon as possible!

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